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Milwaukee substance abuse rehab is an important part of the recovery process and usually starts the addict down the road to a drug-free life. Drug and alcohol addiction are complex illnesses that are marked by many common factors. Intense and sometimes uncontrollable craving for the substance of abuse can come with a serious need that must be filled, no matter the consequences.

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Symptoms of Abuse

Substance abuse begins as a voluntary thing, but quickly becomes involuntary as the addiction takes hold. Rehab for that addiction requires treating the many dimensions of the problem. Creating a substance abuse habit affects several parts of the body and mind, altering many aspects of the healthy person's normal behavior. Treating this requires not only removal of the drug or alcohol from the person's system, but also rehabilitation in brain and mind to overcome the long-learned reward motivation that comes with substance abuse.

Substance abuse symptoms include withdrawal from normal life pursuits in favor of using the drug. The abuser often becomes secretive and withdrawn then aggressive or irritable if asked about the observed changes in their lifestyle. As the addiction becomes more financially costly, the abuser will often begin to steal or excessively borrow without explanation. Signs of depression and anxiety will also come. Many substance abusers begin to show signs of sickness or ill health.

Types of Substances Abused

There are many types of substances that can be abused. Tobacco, for example, is a stimulant that also has several side-effects that some feel are beneficial. Alcohol is a depressant, causing changes in brain and motor function, lowering inhibitions, and more. Both tobacco and alcohol are often used in moderation without serious addictive effects, but many become addicted to them and require substance abuse rehab. Illicit drugs also usually fall into two broad categories based on their primary effects: stimulants (cocaine) or depressants (heroin).

When drug abuse continues, users often begin experimenting with other substances as a way to find a new or less expensive fix, often as a substitute for an addiction they can no longer afford. Sometimes the lower inhibitions created with a drug like alcohol can lead to bad decisions that result in addiction to another substance such as heroin or cocaine.

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