Milwaukee Heorin Addiction Treatment

Milwaukee heroin addiction treatment centers provide rehab programs for people dealing with dependence on this dangerous drug. The high heroin overdose rates are just the tip of the iceberg as the state is plagued by an increase in drug activity. Rehab programs in the area have helped many people break the severe addiction and as they continue to rehabilitate heroin users, the heroin overdose rates can be lowered.

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What is Heroin and How Is It Used?

The seed pod of the poppy plant is used to process heroin, a form of morphine. It is highly addictive with high heroin overdose rates and is therefore an illicit drug. It is common to find it being sold as a brownish powder and also as a white powder in its purer forms. The impure forms of heroin are usually injected after being diluted and dissolved. The purer forms can be smoked and snorted.

Why Are So Many People Addicted to Heroin?

The spike in use of heroin can be linked to an increased activity of drug cartels that are bringing more and more of the dangerous drug to the streets of America. With the increase in the amount available, the prices have dropped too which has led to more people trying heroin. Due to the highly addictive nature of the drug, those who try it usually become addicts. Purer forms of heroin can lead to higher overdose rates due to high potency of the opiate.

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Milwaukee drug detox is an important part of many heroin addiction treatment programs. Opiates such as heroin affect the part of the brain responsible for pain and reward or pleasure. With extended use, damage occurs to these regions causing reduced function and function may even cease. This make a person feel that they need the drug in order to function properly.

Once the major withdrawal symptoms have passed, often through the use of medication, then treatment can begin to attack the root of the problem; poor coping skills and emotional issues that can trigger drug abuse. Narcotics Anonymous ( can help heroin addicts avoid the drug by shraing experiences with like-minded people. Don't wait to seek help. Call Milwaukee addiction recovery centers to turn your life around.

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