Effects of Alcohol Hurt Milwaukee Men

The Effects and Impact of Alcohol Milwaukee 

Ten people were arrested during the Operation Drive Sober patrols in Milwaukee, according to county sheriff's officials. It was one man's fourth DUI offense, which is a felony. After the initial weekend program to rid highways of drunk drivers, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark Jr. ordered another aggressive weekend of the DUI initiative.

The effects of alcohol impact everyone differently. There are short-term effects such as feeling tipsy, loss of motor control, less inhibitions and sleepiness. Longer range effects of alcohol may include feeling hungover, feeling nauseous, vomiting and diarrhea. When someone drinks for prolonged periods of time and in heavier quantities above healthy levels, quite serious and severe effects are experienced.

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Brain and Heart

Alcohol plays havoc with brain's transmissions and affects the brain's appearance and functioning. These changes may cause mood swings and behavioral changes. People who are heavy drinkers find it difficult to clearly think and move smoothly. Clumsiness may result in injury. If a person drinks moderately, alcohol may be a benefit to adults with heart disease. Drinking for long periods of time or binge drinking may cause heart damage. Binge drinking is having more than four to five drinks in one sitting. One binge drinking session can cause heart damage. These issues include stretching out the heart muscle leading to droopiness, irregular heartbeat, stroke and elevated blood pressure.


Drinking heavily may damage the liver and lead to many liver issues including developing a fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis or cirrhosis. Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious condition, where the liver has so much scar tissue and inflammation, it may fail.

Cancer and Immune System

Drinking large amounts of alcohol may increase the incidences of some types of cancers including cancers of the mouth, larynx, throat, liver and breast. In addition, heavy drinking interferes with and weakens the immune system. This makes the body much more vulnerable to all sorts of maladies and diseases. Commonly seen with alcoholics are higher incidences of pneumonia and TB compared to those who don't drink heavily. Binge drinking slows down the body's ability to prevent infections for about a day after the episode.

The effects of alcohol can be severe on the human body. Milwaukee drug treatment centers can help, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous Milwaukee (http://www.aamilwaukee.com/).

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